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E-Refunds FAQ

Where do I go to review and update my mailing address?

You should login to myUMBC go to your name tab and click on “Profile”. Scroll to the bottom of the page to “Student Contact Information”, and click “Edit” to review and make changes to your mailing address.

I don’t get refunds. Do I have to activate my preferences?

You may be one of those students who does not receive financial aid or refunds but we ask that you choose a preference as well.

A refund may generate for other reasons. You may register for classes, pay for the classes and then drop classes. Depending on the timing of your drop, you may be entitled to a refund.

We want you to have everything in place so that we can issue the refund. If you do not activate your preferences now, your refunds may be delayed.

I want a paper check, can I opt out of E-Refunds?

All student refunds are processed through HigerOne. You can select direct deposit to your own banking account, direct deposit to your HigherOne OneAccount, or a paper check. Please note that if you select the paper check option (instead of direct deposit) it will take longer to receive the refund. If you don’t select any option, HigherOne will issue you a paper check 21 days from the day they receive the funds from UMBC.

Does UMBC encourage you to select one option over the other? (OneAccount, your own checking or savings, or paper check)

No. It is your choice. You decide which one works best for you. You are free to change your mind and make a different selection any time in the future.

Is UMBC making any money by transitioning to E-Refunds?

No. UMBC is not making any money by offering E-Refunds. This service is being offered for your benefit, to improve the speed of delivery of refunds. We do not receive payments of any type from Higher One for this program.

Will I really receive my refund quicker?

Yes, you will receive your refund in less time. However, please note that, while there is still UMBC and State of Maryland processing time, the delivery time has been greatly reduced. You will absolutely receive your refund quicker with E-Refunds. Prior to E-Refunds, students waited approximately 14 business days, from the date refunds posted to their student accounts, to receive refunds in the mail. E-Refunds reduce this wait to approximately 7 business days (provided you select one of the direct deposit options).

Why HigherOne?

Although the State Comptroller’s Office offers direct deposit of student refunds it unfortunately cannot accommodate the volume that UMBC would be submitting. After looking into a number of companies and reviewing their products, we decided that HigherOne was the best option for UMBC students.

Where are the HigherOne ATMs located on the Main UMBC campus?

There is one at the RAC (Retriever Activities Center) and one at the UC (University Center).

What can I do if I need cash and both HigherOne ATMs at UMBC are out of order?

If both HigherOne ATMs are out of order, you can use any other ATM (on or off Campus) and HigherOne will reimburse your foreign ATM transaction fees (up to $5.00 per day).
Instructions to receive reimbursement »

How can I use the Student Refund Card (HigherOne Account) with no cost or fees?

If you select the Student Refund Card (HigherOne Account) this is what you should do to avoid fees:

  • Log onto the account AT LEAST once every 9 months and make a deposit or withdrawal.
  • Use the Higher One ATM locations provided on campus (UC or RAC) or any other Higher One ATM location.
  • Always use “Credit” (not Debit) for purchases.
  • If using the Student Refund Card to pay tuition and fees, select the ACH payment option and use the routing number and account number for the account (instead of the numbers on your card) for a free transaction.

View the HigherOne fee schedule »

Should I be concerned about providing my personal information to HigherOne when selecting my preference?

The HigherOne site is safe and secure and the information requested is solely for identification purposes. HigherOne will never share or sell your information to a third party.

Will I have to set-up my preferences each time I am anticipating a refund?

No. This is just done one time. You choose whether you want your refund to go the HigherOne account, to an existing account or via a paper check. You would only have to do this again if you want to change your initial choice later.