Drop and Withdrawal

UMBC is committed to helping you achieve your academic goals; however, we realize that sometimes circumstances may arise that prevent you from successfully completing your coursework as planned. Dropping and/or withdrawing from a course can have financial and academic implications that should be taken into consideration when making this decision.

Please view the department websites below for more in-depth information about withdrawing from classes.

  1. Office of the Registrar – Provides information about the cancellation of registration and withdrawal from the University.
  2. Financial Aid & Scholarships – Provides information about how withdrawing can affect your financial aid.
  3. Student Business Services –  Review the Drop/Withdrawal for the semester you are withdrawing from PRIOR to dropping classes so that you know what to expect when the bill arrives.
  4. Residential Life – Housing refunds differ.  If you live in a university residence hall or apartment, Residential Life will determine the assessed charges involving your housing.  Review the  Cancellation and Termination section under Housing Procedures and make sure to contact Residential Life about your withdrawal.
  5. Campus Card and Mail Services – Information about how to cancel a meal plan and the financial implications.