Account Inquiry

Students have access to the most current account information through Account Inquiry via their myUMBC accounts. Parents/others can be granted access to your student billing and financial aid information, please see our Profile Sharing Instructions.

The difference between E-bills and Account Inquiry is that E-bills cut off at a specific time and are a snapshot of the student account at that time. Account Inquiry is a view of the student account activity as it happens. Payments and adjustments are reflected there in real time and show the activity that happens in between E-bills.

To access Account Inquiry (students only):
  1. Login to MyUMBC
  2. Select Profile (located on the top bar next to the Search box)
  3. Select Billing (located under Finances on the left side of the screen)
  4. Select Account Inquiry (located under Billing)
  5. Select Activity
  6. Under “View by” you can change the dates and/or semester you want to see the transactions for.
  7. Make sure to click on “View All”
  8. Click for printing Account Activity with URL on page – Printing Directions

Account Inquiry shows balance information, payments received, financial aid that has been posted, and much more!

Example below – Please make sure the yellow highlighted areas are changed to reflect the time period you want to view and click on “View All” to see all charges.