Agency Reimbursement

Many agencies that offer Tuition Reimbursement wait until grades are posted (after the semester ends) before they remit payment to UMBC. Please keep in mind that students are responsible for making sure their bills are paid by the due date at the beginning of each semester. Waiting for reimbursements from outside agencies will not prevent accounts from accruing late fees or prevent accounts from being assigned to collections.

Students expecting tuition reimbursements should pay their expenses by the due date to avoid late fees and collections. If paying the charges in full is not an option, students are encouraged to seek funding solutions through the Financial Aid Office or to enroll in the Monthly Payment Plan which enables them to pay their charges in installments.

If charges are paid by the due date (by student or Financial Aid) once agency reimbursement is received, students will receive a refund of payments received, provided there are no new charges on their accounts. If there are new charges, payments will be applied to those charges before refunding.

For more information about financial aid, please contact Financial Aid directly at 410-455-2387 or online at Financial Aid.  For more information about the Monthly Payment Plan, please visit our website: