Itemized Billing Statement


Do you need an itemized billing statement to submit for tuition reimbursement?  UMBC has created a way for students to print this document themselves.

Click on this link for printable directions – Itemized Statement Directions

Still need help?  Submit a Help Ticket at this link Help

Follow the directions below to view and print your itemized billing statement
1.  Log into MyUMBC and select “Account Inquiry”.









2.  Once you are in Account Inquiry follow the path below.
      • Select Main Menu
      • HighPoint
      • Campus Experience
      • Financials
      • Account Activity








3.  Enter term and/or dates.  Once the information comes up click on the Print Icon and print the document.  If you want to save it to your computer click “Print as Adobe PDF”.


4.  This is the printed document that has MyUMBC on it as well as your name, semester, itemized transactions, and URL which is what most places require for reimbursement.