Accounts in Collections

Accounts Assigned to CCU Central Collection Unit

Uncollected debts will be turned over to the Central Collections Unit (CCU). Accounts transferred to CCU will be reported to the credit bureau. CCU will assess a minimum collection charge of 17% of the outstanding debt, plus attorney and court fees, if applicable. The university and CCU reserve the right to make changes in fees and other charges as may be deemed necessary. These fees are the student’s responsibility.

Debts incurred during each semester must be satisfied before registration can be completed for a subsequent semester. UMBC will deny requests for diplomas pending clearance of all debts. Any refunds or payments due to students will be applied to existing debts first.

A CCU receipt or letter from CCU confirming that accounts are paid in full must be presented to Student Business Services to be cleared for registration or to receive other university services. Confirmation of payment in full can also be faxed to Student Business Services at (410) 455-1821. Once confirmation is received, holds on accounts will be cleared the following day.

Accounts at CCU must be paid at CCU. UMBC does not accept payments on CCU accounts. Checks for accounts at CCU must be made payable to CCU. Accounts at CCU can be paid online, by telephone or in person at 300 West Preston Street in Baltimore.

For questions regarding your account at CCU, please contact Customer Service at 410-767-1220 or email

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