Fall 2021 Monthly Payment Plan


You do not have to be enrolled in classes to enroll in the Monthly Payment Plan

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Fall 2021 Enrollment Dates

Enroll By         Installments          Due Date

07/19/2021              4                 07/20/2021

08/19/2021              3                08/20/2021

09/19/2021              2                09/20/2021

Final Payment                                  10/20/2021


Payment Plan Fees

  • A non-refundable $40.00 enrollment fee will be charged for each Spring and Fall semester.
  • An administrative fee of $20.00 will be charged for missing your monthly installment payment and you will be withdrawn from the plan.

All payments must be received by 11 pm on the due date in order to prevent withdrawal from your payment plan. Additional late fees may be added to your account balance if you have been administratively removed from your payment plan.

All prior semester balances must be satisfied prior to enrolling in the current semester’s payment plan.